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Longaberger Picnic Basket

This basket is perfect for your delicious picnic lunch! It is made of heavy duty materials and is made to last. It is also made to be your most favorite place to go!

longaberger basket large

longaberger basket large

By Longaberger


longaberger picnic basket large

Longaberger Picnic Basket With Lid

My picnic basket is so much fun to wear! I love the style and the look of it, it's perfect for taking food, drinks and a blanket or 2 with me on a summer day! The different designs are perfect for a different look and the lid is perfect for keeping the lid closed. I love that it comes in different colors and styles, from round to pointed, I have perfect something to wear at any time! if you're looking for a perfect way to wear your longaberger name, or are just looking for a stylish and functional picnic basket, then check out our picnic-baskets. Us today!

Longaberger Picnic Baskets

This set of two longaberger picnic baskets is perfect for two people. They are also easy to clean as they have a attached wood lid. This makes them great for uncontrolled areas or areas with a crowded area. this family picnic basket is perfect for displaying all the good that longaberger has to offer! It is made of durable materials and has a comfortable shape to it. It is also includes a variety of ornaments to add to the festive atmosphere. this a great large picnic basket that can carry all the food you need for all your picnic needs. The basket is made of soft blackberger cloth and has a large, comfortable inside. It is about 13" x 11" x 3" and has a big, strong sealant layer that keeps the lid closed. The longaberger fabric is a high-quality, heavy-duty fabric that is always a popular choice for picnic baskets. This one is a great choice for your next picnic, and is a great value! this large longaberger picnic basket is minty! It has a handle cover liner and riser and is also large. It is also very well made!