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Picnic Basket Liner

The longaberger large picnic basket wattached wood lid is perfect for your picnic mate. This basket is made of plastic liner and features a long, sturdy design. It's a great choice for any picnic, and perfect for use in a downpour.

Cheap Picnic Basket Liner

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Best Picnic Basket Liner

This is a great picnic basket liner that features a green fabric design. It is perfect for any event. This basket is perfect for your food and drink needs. this is a great liner for larger picnic baskets. It is sturdy and does a great job of keeping the lid clean and free of dirt and debris. It is also a great fit for other food items in the basket. It is longabanberger cake or small picnic basket liner. It is new and has the name "new" on it. It is made of high quality materials and will make your picnic more enjoyable. It is made of 100% hand- mosquiteous cloth and is made to evernote your food.