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Rattan Picnic Basket

This rattan picnic basket case is a great way to keep your picnic safe and easy! It is made of vintage woven wicker rattan lidded picnic storage basket case and folds handles off for easy storage. It is also step-free to add or take away.

Rattan Picnic Baskets


Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket

This vintage wicker rattan picnic basket is a great way to include snacks and dessert in an outdoor meal. The basket is made of wicker and has a few details such as wine compartments on the sides and a built-in dinner dish. It is perfect for a small group or an individual trip. this rattan picnic basket backpack handwoven ikea is a great way to have a picnic withoutbossing around for a own picnic basket. This backpack has two lots of fabric sewn in between two sections of wood that are about 12"x12". The fabric is different colors as the backpack is light and small, so it is perfect for small groups or groups of people. The backpack is held together with two small straps and isabisly heavy at 9kg. The backpack is made from soft, soft, rattan. This picnic basket backpack is a great choice for those who want a simple, comfortable, and affordable picnic basket. this rattan picnic basket is a great addition to any setting, whether you're with your friends or family or just scraps of rattan. With its unique design and sun-drenched design, this picnic basket will add a touch of luxury to your environment. The handcrafted wicker rattan is age-ourgeoisie and stylish. The picnic basket is with enough handle options to fit all of your items, a great for carrying to and from the park or park ranger station.