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Watermelon Picnic Basket

This watermelon wicker resin large picnic basket home decor basket will make a great addition to your watermelon picnic. The handle and lid arenmall nwt. This basket can hold up to 5-6 watermelon's and is perfect for two people. The watermelon in the center of the basket will make a great addition and make for a beautiful finished product.

Vintage Watermelon Picnic Basket

If you're looking for a great way to enjoy a watermelon without having to carry around a bunch of t-shirts, you're in luck! Here are four great options for baskets or for taking on a picnic lunch: 1. Use a recycled basket – these are great if you're feeling eco-friendly and want to support your community of recycled enthusiasts. Use a recycled grocery bag – these are also great for carrying around leaderpoints or any otheroutfitters items that you may need for your picnic. Use a recycled take-out – these are a great option if you're looking for something alternative and not have to go through the trouble of getting a basket. Use a recycled bottle – these are a great option if you have a lot of them and want to make your picnic more environmentally friendly.

Al Fresco Ciroa Picnic Basket

This ciroa picnic basket is a great choice for those who love thewatermelon. It is made of vintage watermelon wicker and has two handles. The basket is also double-handed and has a hinged lid. this nautica watermelon picnic basket is a great way to have a picnic like no other. This basket is made from soft, lightweight cotton and perfect for two. It is also helpful in that it can hold a lot of food, which makes it perfect for a small amount of food. Plus, the red and green color scheme is perfect for summer. this perfect for using as a spot for your next watermelon picnic or as a great addition to any garden. The hand-lettered design isturns a simple watermelon into a beautiful and unique piece of furniture. This basket is made from alder wood, with hand-lettered seeds and double-handled lids. It is perfect for a day at the park or at home with friends. this amazing summer picnic basket has a delicious watermelon on the front and a huge smile on your face when you pull it out. It's perfect for putting together at the ready with some delicious salads and delicious snacks.