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Wicker Picnic Basket With Dishes

This vintage redmon peru ind folding picnic basket is a great way to include delicious food and drink in your! It has a large wicker picnic basket that can easily house all the food and drinks you need. Plus, the coordinating dishes make it a easy and fun add-on.

Wicker Picnic Basket With Dishes Walmart

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Wicker Picnic Basket With Dishes Amazon

This wicker picnic basket with dishes and napkins is perfect for the outdoor eyecare enthusiast. It is made from soft wicker with a black and brown color scheme, and is perfect for holding all the gear needed for a wicker picnic. The basket is perfect for days when you are looking for something heavier to take to a picnic, or for holding kitchen items. It is also great for holding leftovers or snacks. The basket is made from plastic and wire, making it easy for them to clean and so they can have a reliable source of entertainment. Also included is a small tree branch for when the children lose interest in the food and begin to play with the playing cards and other toys. Our large picnic basket with dishes will make a great place to eat in or in front of the television. This baskets will hold all the food you need for a great picnic, with plenty of space for everyone in the basket. Your children will be sure to have a great time!